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Maggam Works

Maggam works are now the in-thing in the world of a fashion as they give an amazing look to any garment

Be it a sari, blouse or Langa Ooni (half sari) blouse, intricately done maggam work can make it look very attractive

It takes about eight hours to put a simple design and two to three days to do maggam work on a bridal blouse

There are 10 Traditional Embroideries in India.

Chikanari, Zardosi, Aari, Banjara, Gota, Kantha, Phulkari, Shisha work, Toda & Kashmiri

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We work on all forms of embroideries. Our designs include wide range of floral thread designs, brids and animal designs inspired by peacocks, elephants, camel and more. 

We also create modern design patterns to give a trendy look

Our Maggam Works Collection

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